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This game was rushed, i had less than a week, might update it.

This is a 1 minute long "horror" game, definitly not my proudest game but it is something playable and good-ish.

V1.1 changes:

-added quality options (originally the game ran on Very High)

-added more mouse speed (from 1 to 1000)

and the shadow resolution dosen't do anything, forgot to disable it

For the future if im on a crunch, im just not gonna do the jam and delay the game but still follow the rules and publish the game. (i didn't have much fun with this, maybe game jams isn't my jam)

For my next project i will try to make something realistic, and also i have a big project in the works.

Updated 9 days ago
Published 11 days ago
Tags3D, Horror, weird


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PizzaDelivery_GameJamVersion.zip 111 MB
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Pretty impressed for a 1 minute horror game. Great job!


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Had fun trying out your 1-minute horror game!  I included as a part of a 3 in 1 horror game video that I did! :) 

When you said it was 1 minute game.. I didnt beleive you till I played it. LOL It has potential! When the full version coming? (2nd video is your game)

A good game

This was pretty good, nice build up of suspense! Really want pizza now because of it! Your game is at 4:05! 

I was expecting a jumpscare... but its more like....SUSPENSE :D



Yep that was one minute... interesting idea though.

While it wasn't very eventful, I still enjoyed my time playing this! A nice little quick bite of horror! Great work! (First game in the vid)

I played pizza delivery at 2:07 and its a good game. I expected to be jumpscared but it wasnt. overall score in my opinion: 8.5/10

I play
I played this game as a part of my "3 indie horror games" video.  It was so impressive for a game that had to fit as much as it could into literally 1 minute. The graphics were cool and the game was short yet enjoyable. 

quick Delivery, why is a meme frog on my box lmao

Very short horror game. I love the graphics. Great game!

Even tho its a pretty short game, there has been a lot of effort put into this and you can see that by the atmosphere of the room you start in. One minute may not be anough to bring the full experience, but its fun nonetheless and definitely worth a couple dollars. Cheers!

Very interesting for such a short game. Great job! 

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Hehe, pizza

I didn't read that it was one minute long so when the ending happened it caught me by surprise lol Great little game! The game starts at 12:35 in the video.

I featured your game in my video - 19:55



Hey there. I recently did a compilation of several one minute long games. Yours is in my video. I'm not quite sure where it is at, because it's a bit of a long video, but if you scroll through I'm sure you can find it. Or if you just want to watch the whole video there is also that's. One thing I have to say about your game, is that I was immediately drawn in by the title, because pizza is rad. So it was a fun little game. I liked it.. So I hope you enjoy my video, and if you get a chance maybe given the like or comment.. Anything helps. But of course, no stress, you don't need to, it just helps me if you do. So here's my video.

What can I say about Pizza Delivery that hasn't already been said? This game is genius. This is the untold story Sophocles kept hidden away from the world for fear no one would understand it. The simplicity of the game is overshadowed by it's eerie setting and the Silent Hill-like aesthetic. The ending of this game is like nothing I've ever encountered and it makes me question if the developer is a serial killer or just someone who you'd love to hang out with and share some tales.

I look forward to more, HandsomelessKing! So bring it!


thank you, im glad you liked this little "game", the story definitly dosen't make any sense right now but i will try to expand on it, i hope i can do it, and better, thank you

You did an excellent job! In one minute, you showcased your talent! I'll be happy to see more! 


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great computer was lagging can u have like porformess one?

So fix performance, gonna be easy... hopefully

short game

nice horror

(1 edit)

Seriously 1 minute LOL